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We express our insights and views in an open way, not to please, but to serve well. Trust also comes from the certainty that only experienced and socially competent people act on the projects.

Client satisfaction comes from delivering tangible results

Given the line management experience of our partners, clients know that the implementation aspects are already taken into account in the solution design. We carefully secure the bridge between the concept phase and the implementation by orchestrating the client’s resources, providers, business partners and clients. Throughout the whole process we help our clients to secure buy-in at all levels, from the board of directors to middle management, staff and the public. Finally, we are able and willing to “walk our talk” and to implement our recommendations, even including success components, capital participations or time-limited management responsibility. Client Cases »

Client Cases

République et Canton du Jura – Démarche OPTIMA pour des mesures d’économie (2013-2014)


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Le gouvernement du Canton du Jura a décidé de lancer une démarche participative de recherche d’économies sur son budget global d’environ CHF 900 M. mas a accompagné le gouvernement et les chefs de services dans une démarche de définition des prestations de l’Etat, puis de recherche d’économies potentielles récurrentes et dans un processus d’analyse des… Read more »