We are proud of our long-lasting client relationships based on trust and mutual respect

We express our insights and views in an open way, not to please, but to serve well. Trust also comes from the certainty that only experienced and socially competent people act on the projects.

Client satisfaction comes from delivering tangible results

Given the line management experience of our partners, clients know that the implementation aspects are already taken into account in the solution design. We carefully secure the bridge between the concept phase and the implementation by orchestrating the client’s resources, providers, business partners and clients. Throughout the whole process we help our clients to secure buy-in at all levels, from the board of directors to middle management, staff and the public. Finally, we are able and willing to “walk our talk” and to implement our recommendations, even including success components, capital participations or time-limited management responsibility. Client Cases »

Client Cases

Digitale Transformation bei der Verlagsgruppe News


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Die VGN – Verlagsgruppe News – der führende Magazinverlag Österreichs befindet sich mitten in einem Transformations-Prozess, der das Unternehmen für die Anforderungen im digitalen Business fit machen soll. Um dies zu erreichen wurden in dem Unternehmen wesentliche Technologie-Projekte gestartet, die eine state-of-the-art IT-Architektur für die nächsten Jahre definieren und realisieren sollen. Durch Schaffung einer zukunftsgerichteten Technologie-Plattform… Read more »

Building the sport of the digital generation (2010-2015)


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mas has emerged with a business model that goes beyond the classical consulting scheme: In cooperation with private or institutional investors, mas engages in critical phases of client investment cases, either because the investment is in a turnaround situation or at a critical crossroads regarding the further development of the business model Part of this… Read more »

SSR-SRG – Analyse de l’évolution du Conseil d’administration (2014)


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La gouvernance de l’entreprise publique SSR-SRG (Société Suisse de Radio-Télévision) est très complexe. Par exemple, le Conseil d’administration compte neuf membres, dont les quatre présidents des sociétés régionales qui sont membres d’office, trois autres nommé par l’Assemblée des délégués et les deux deniers nommés par le Conseil Fédéral. mas a accompagné le Président dans un… Read more »

Paywall launch as building block of the digital transformation at Tamedia (2014)

Das Tamedia-Logo auf dem Dach des Medienhauses Werd in der Dämmerung.

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Tamedia is a Swiss media group with its headquarters in Zurich. With its daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, and online platforms, as well as printing facilities, Tamedia is one of the leading media corporations in Switzerland. The media industry is experiencing a massive and rapid transformation into the digital area with traditional revenue streams (print… Read more »